Meek Mill Thinks He’s Covid-19 Positive and Lost 15 Pounds

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Meek Mill Thinks Convid-19 Positive and Lost 15 Pounds

So sorry, but the Coronavirus didn’t just start earlier this year. Been around since last year unbeknown to most people. Many have contacted the novel disease last year but the outbreak turned to something else probably this month were the glob acknowledged what exactly has been going on around the corner.

Coronavirus Pandemic is shelving plans to onslaught though many are fighting relentlessly and Meek Mill who brought his illness update lately on Twitter was little bit freakout.The Believes rapper shared his 2019 December health status. According to Milly, he was sick and lost about 15 Pounds of weight.

Fans was extremely suprise since Meek Mill whose real name is Robert Rihmeek Williams noted he doctor never told he what was wrong with him. He also said there flu like symptoms. 

Well, Meek is yet to tell us if he’s positive or Covid-19 negative.

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