Chris Brown Shares New Freestyle “Rona Rap” with Guapdad 4000 – Listen

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Chris Brown Shares New Freestyle "Rona Rap" with Guapdad 4000 - Listen

Chris Brown last promised to drop new album this year. But behind him there’s some other ventures and today he assists Gualdad 4000 on Rona Rap.

Gualdad 4000 always brings in stragedy of getting freestyle murdered and most of the time he feature related singers or rappers. Meanwhile, Chris Brown is the latest issue helping with Rona Rap. 

In the latest version Guapdad shared today, he begins to rap over Q-Tip’s ‘Vivrant Thing‘ and is then joined by Chris Breezy who raps while wearing an oxygen mask and protection gloves. Amahiphop is not add this to Chris Brown 2020 compilation but you can Watch it below..

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