Meek Mill Kanye West family

Meek Mill Tells Kanye West: I Still Have My Family

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Kanye West and Meek Mill beef is gradually moving into 2023 without reconciliation. Meek Mill always responds to Kanye West anytime he feels YE is not doing it right. Meek Mill recently told Kanye West I Still Have My family. The reply came on board after Kim ex-husband commented on Meek Mill during an interview.

Kanye West’s 2022 interviews never closed without any sharp remarks. During his appearance on a Clubhouse chat session, Kanye West tackled Meek Mill, Daddy, Dave Chappelle and also talked about Adidas. It’s obvious that Kanye West still has some more words not only Meek Mill but both Diddy, Dave Chappella and Addidas.

Meek Mill Flamerz 5 took shots at Kanye West and YE has slightly shaded back. While on Clubhouse chat season, Kanye West said: “What made somebody think Meek Mill could say something to me?!” That was a big talk after he said “Oh, you know what, let’s go get celebrities,” Kanye talked about the world’s reaction to the “white lives matter” T-Shirt. “Let’s go get Puff Daddy, let’s get Dave Chappelle.

As you can see, Kanye just West called out both Diddy, Dave and Kanye. Well, the Philly rapper who has faced a lot in the past also respond to Kanye West who claimed Meek Mill is “literally in tears.”

It’s clear that Kanye West is Mocking Meek Mill during the interview but Meek simply responded thereafter. “I Still Have My Family,” as Meek Mill shade Kanye West whose family is shattered and divorced.

The 1942 rapper has always been proud of himself based on his ability to carry himself along. He said he never lost his mind for fame or money, he still gets his notable pros from his people as keeps freeing people from prison.

Meek Mill response to Kanye West

“Never lost my mind for fame or money … I still have my family …my people respect me … I’m freeing people from prison… I’m doing community service all month with children up close and personal .. I’m chilling wit my son and his friends today.. y’all on clubhouse at 50 lol”

Meek Mill saying he still has his family is a jab at Kanye West. Meek Mill dragged about to live in peace with his family without any problems. Somewhere this year, Kanye West called Meek Mill and Diddy Fake Hard N*ggas. However, it’s only Meek Mill doing all the responses. We are yet to hear from Puff himself.