Eminem and Lil Wayne Decided to Search for There Own Lyrics on Line to Avoid Repetition
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Eminem's cap

The two artist were discussing during the recent episode of Lil Wayne beat 1 show young money radio when they found out that they behave the same way.

Eminem said he was recording during the  period of the pandemic

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Eminem also revealed that a rapper like him ” reaches a point where he rapped concerning everything he has to, he rhymes everything  that has to be rhymed.

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Eminem replied to the confession of  Wayne saying that he really have to browse for his lyrics“oh my God,I swear to God, I will do that too”. said  Eminem.

In another radio interview, he added“fame has definitely all this years,kinda already had me quarantined”.

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The rapper also said  that he was talking well to the lockdown after making it to be famous.


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