Meek Mill Creating New Album Artwork From Africa
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Meek Mill’s 2023 album is on the way and the rapper has confirmed that nothing is stopping it. Now, the trending news about Meek Mill’s upcoming album is that his next album cover will be based on Africa. Just after the release of FLAMERZ 5 last year Meek Mill’s 2023 album will then serve as follow up album.

He confirmed on Twitter that he is looking for a very talented African artist that will his 2023 album artwork work a standout. This time Meek wants part of his next project to feature Africa, he wants more of Africa’s creative on it.

I need a African artist for my next album cover I have my title!!!, he shared on his Twitter account. A lot of professional African artists have put their hands for this offer that’s yet to offered to a specific person.

Following the backslashes of his EXPENSIVE PAIN artwork which was designed by New York-based artist Nina Chanel Abney, Meek Mill is not making some amendments for his sixth studio album. Meek Mill has his new album title which he also confirmed on Twitter but right now, the 1942 Flows is looking for a creative artist from Africa.

The only problem with his expensive Pain album was that people were complaining about the portrayal of the three naked women on the cover. It received potential backslash from women though Meek Mill ignored it and move in promoting his album.

Of Course, Meek Mill is trying to above such a thing from happening again meanwhile he is changing his previous artist in other to see what an African artist can do for his album. He just announced it but didn’t reveal if he has gotten anyone yet. It was earlier this month Meek Mill announced the possible release of his upcoming album. He said he will be dropping about three albums in every quarter of the year.

The Philly rapper has decided not to share his feature project on Spotify and Apple Music. When FLAMERZ 5 got released fans were unable to listen to it via the popular streaming platforms because Meek Mill decision. One of the major reasons why Meek Mill is stopping his album from Spotify and Apple Music is because of low payout.

“When a label gave me a plaque I thought they was tryna trick me lol … show me the financials that my art made … that other shit a mental trick … give me a plaque with how much my song made and how much I got paid … I’m shying away from that whole system it’s not for us!

“I don’t want FLAMERZ 5 on no streaming service …. This strictly underground music … billboard can’t rate it …. Just rate the music ….I’d bet you a million I can make the UnitedStates/world play it with one upload button .. been doing it since MySpace lol”

However, 2023 Meek Mill is making some good changes both on the 2023 album artwork and more. Remember, he has not announced the title of his sixth studio album or Shere the tracklist. He only needs an artist from Africa for his album artwork.