Doja Cat Unveiled Her Tattoo On Her Head

Doja Cat Unveiled Her Tattoo On Her Head

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Doja Cat unveiled her tattoo on her head as she continues to express herself through dark-themed tattoos, reflecting her affinity for the darker side of life.

The artist, known for her distinctive style, showcased her newly inked head tattoo, depicting a scythe associated with the Grim Reaper.

In a now-deleted Instagram story shared on Saturday (August 26), Doja Cat unveiled her tattoo by providing a close-up of her shaved head, revealing the scythe’s blade extending over her ear and the handle descending along the side of her head and neck.

This isn’t Doja Cat’s first venture into eye-catching tattoos. Earlier in June, she exhibited an expansive skeletal bat tattoo on her back, symbolizing the concept of letting go of the old and embracing new beginnings.

The tattoo artist, Mr. K, also added an eye with a sword through it to her hand, showcasing her evolving ink collection.

While some fans celebrate Doja Cat’s unique expression, others raised concerns or accused her of trolling and even satanism. Regardless of the controversy, the Grammy-winning artist remains unfazed by fluctuations in her social media following.

PIn a candid Instagram Story on August 16, she confessed that losing followers made her feel liberated.

As Doja Cat embraces her individuality through striking tattoos, she continues to captivate both her followers and critics, unapologetically forging her path in the music industry and beyond.