Kanye West's Legal Case Resolved With Donna Summer Estate

Kanye West’s Legal Case Resolved With Donna Summer’s Estate

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Kanye West’s legal case regarding the use of Donna Summer’s voice in. “Good (Don’t Die)”. Has been amicably settled with the late singer’s estate.

It was confirmed by Rolling Stone that Bruce Sudano. Who is Summer’s widower, has reached a “global settlement” with Ye.

Furthermore. The terms of the settlement, which was proposed earlier this month. Are now pending signatures from all parties involved, as per documents filed in federal court.

However. If there’s ever a breach of the agreement. Or failure to reach a satisfactory settlement, Sudano intends to pursue legal action diligently.

Also. The estate lawyer, Stanton L. Stein. Emphasized in court filings that if a settlement isn’t reached by June 14, 2024.

The plaintiff will proceed with the legal proceedings against all defendants.

Moreover. The specifics of the settlement remain undisclosed.

Genesis Of Kanye West’s Legal Case

This legal dispute arose in February when Summer’s estate sued Kanye West over the song. “Good (Don’t Die)”. From Vultures 1.

Alleging that it incorporated vocals resembling Summer’s hit “I Feel Love”.

But despite the estate’s rejection of such usage.

Court documents reveal that West attempted to bypass the estate’s decision. By using an interpolation instead of a direct sample.

Nevertheless. The estate argued that this still constituted copyright infringement.

Consequently. Kanye West, with collaborator Ty Dolla $ign. As well as the label responsible for releasing the song are all defendants in the lawsuit.

Despite efforts to remove the song from streaming platforms. Summer’s estate seeks substantial damages. And an injunction to prevent further distribution of the track.

Following Spotify’s initial removal of. “Good (Don’t Die)” due to copyright concerns. The track was later reinstated but with confusing credits.

RichYeRich was listed as the performer. While Brian Jamoe is the writer. And no producer was credited.

In Addition to this. The source was attributed to DarkSide LLC. Which is an entity with no online presence.

Subsequently. The song was once again removed from all streaming services. Although it had already accumulated millions of streams.

To sum things up on Aswehiphop. Kanye West‘s legal case concerning the use of Donna Summer’s vocals in. “Good (Don’t Die)”. Has been resolved through a settlement with her estate.

While. The terms of the settlement remain confidential.

With that said. It is very important to note that…

This incident underscores the complexities of copyright issues in the music industry. And it also highlights the importance of obtaining proper permissions for sampling and interpolation.