Drake 4batz act ii: date @ 8 (Remix)

Listen to 4Batz release of “act ii: date @ 8 (Remix)” featuring Drake.

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Following their recent collaboration, Drake and 4Batz released the main song shortly after teasing the “act ii: date @ 8 (Remix)” in a video clip in which they were seen listening to it.

The song “act ii: date @ 8” by 4Batz has been getting a lot of attention lately, although the musician hasn’t even done an interview yet. It has gained popularity quickly and is set to do so even more.

Meanwhile, the song is expected go this viral as Drake has been promoting the official remix, which is currently available everywhere, for a few days now. Drizzy made an intriguing decision, but he is accustomed to listening to catchy tunes by up-and-coming musicians.

Fans have also accused 4batz of copying RMR’s appearance and style, but that discussion is for another time. Fans of 4Batz really got into a heated disagreement over this since they didn’t agree with it.

However, upon closely examining RMR’s earlier works, this new 4batz song bears a striking connection in terms of the vibes it genuinely conveys.

Furthermore, it won’t stop admirers from bringing him flowers for the amazing job he did on his new song project. To top it all off, famed rapper “Drake” also added his enchanted lyrics to it.