Lil Wayne ‘Lollipop’ Goes Diamond

Lil Wayne ‘Lollipop’ Goes Diamond

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Lil Wayne has tried hip-hop but sometimes we need to recognise the fact he has built history that can’t be erased. At least Drake and Nicki Minaj are beautiful products of Lil Wayne. They give him due props for paving the way for them. Lil Wayne Lollipop goes Diamond. Well, this is another big achievement from Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne might not be good at doing numbers or creating chart history for his rap career. But the rapper has always gained a lot of hearts probably because of his talent and being so consistent without considering retiring.

Lil Wayne Lollipop is one of the biggest hip-hop songs. Normally, Lil Wayne is well-known for his Tha Carter series. His Tha Carter III was released back in 2008. That was Lil Wayne’s reign. The album featured 16 songs and Lollipop is the 12 track on the album and it was assisted by Static Major. It was a dope collaboration even to date.

Static Major passed away less than three weeks before its release and wasn’t around to see the critically acclaimed music video he shot to be put out. Lil Wayne will never forget him for giving him a shade of success. You can watch the video below.

The time Lil Wayne Tha Carter 3 was released, in just a week the album sold over 1 million copies. Let’s remind you that Tha Carter 3 also earned Grammy Awards as the best rap album in 2009 following the album’s release in 2008. Most of the TIK TOK users have made Lil Wayne Lollipop more powerful and popular than it used to be.

In terms of other songs with him on that are close to going diamond, DJ Khaled’s ‘I’m The One‘ has sold 9 million to date, Chris Brown’s ‘Look At Me Now’ is at 8 million and Jay Sean’s ‘Down’ and Drake’s ‘Forever’ are both at 6 million. ‘Lil Wayne Lollipop goes diamond,’ this another great news Lil Wayne using to close up 2022.

Lil Wayne’s last Tha Carter album was released in 2018 after settling with Birdman. He never stopped working on the series, meanwhile, next year might be another chance for us to stream Lil Wayne Tha Carter VI as announced by the rapper.

In other news, Lil Wayne didn’t release a new album this year, but we have compiled his 2022 featured songs. You can check it out.