The Triple Leaked Songs Of Kendrick Lamar

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It’s really cool Kendrick Lamar songs have been leaked and that is what most minds who can’t wait to earshot Kendrick Lamar’s latest songs dreamed of. However Kendrick music front totally gone missing after the wake of 2017 DAMN and having compiled Kendrick Lamar 2019, fans are not satisfied with the compilation but wants something different from experience.

Amahiphop reported K. Dot Los Angeles video shot and that was not officially put out as awareness by the rapper himself. Though publications caught attention from evidence since yet to releases video shot is  quite suspicious, afterwords many believed Kendrick Lamar is working relentlessly for follow-up to DAMN album.

That was notable frenzy about All Stars rapper last week. So what is in the gut, did Kendrick Lamar resurface again. Although he made headlines lately with new triple songs leaked probably unbeknown to him but fans have grown more obsession following titled songs, Guilty Conscience,   Prayer and Somebody uploaded on YouTube and it all Kendrick Lamar’s professional voice you can hear.

DAMN maintains Lamar’s undisputed studio album released last four year meanwhile fans are doing everything under the sun to listen to Kendrick Lamar fresh singles. Those leaked songs are unfinished records finally leaked, possibly coming from his last album else upcoming songs from new Kendrick album you are hearing but have been shared online.

This is not the first time his songs surfaced online. Already Gotta Love Me, a predecessor song leaked few weeks ago. Love it or loath Compton rapper is in studio despite swirling.

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