Photos Of Kanye West and His Tragic Walk Water

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Kanye West and His Tragic Walk Water

Kanye West and his super transformed choir have displayed exactly what can be called artificial walk on water. Sounds cool or not, but without much emphasis place  on Kanye West recent Sunday service, He probably doing this to showcase his God’s spiritual transformed, folks said.

Asking where it happened, well the Sunday service took place at Atlanta and Kim Kardashian set Twitter on frenzy following her husband walk on water, Sunday Service At Atlanta she shared on Twitter.

The American new Christian rapper walk on water is actually practical aspect of what was written in the Bible after Jesus Christ ultimately was the first to, though totally undisputed by anybody. Kanye West walk, it is a shallow, he performed it but was not real.

You know it be tragic hearing to most folks but many are worried since Kanye West water walk was achieved by walking on a translucent platform hidden just beneath the surface of the pond, this is a stint right.

But not only Kanye West and his choir walked on water the same day. Both one of the American pastor and televangelist Joel Osteen was also performer of walk on water. “I’m watching these fine men and women singing, looks like they’re walking on the water. And my mind goes back to that time where Jesus invited Peter to walk on the water. I could imagine Peter thought, “Jesus, what are you talking about? That’s impossible! I can’t do that,” he said. See more reactions below.

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