Rihanna Face Injured Due To A Scooter Accident

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Rihanna Gets Injured Due To A Scooter Accident

Totally worried of course fans wants to know what is wrong with Rihanna following scart e-scooter accident that left annoying facial buries, on her forehead. Lucky we are able to tell what happened to Bad Gyal. Rihanna who most time take a walk without no survilance tracing has ended up a on mess we can’t even poke fun at.

Rihanna, on Friday was out in Los Angeles to grab something to eat at Giorgio Baldi’s restaurant as Trading told Amahiphop. Sure she got injuried before sticking around the restaurant which led nearby paparazzi to took some shot showing facial lacerations.

Rihanna face injuries was a result of falling off with e-scooter which she was riding around and it all flipped over. She fall with her face and got injuried, TMZ reporting.

Rihanna face

Looking at the photo above, might looks minor though her rep said the injuries are more serious but she is recovering from home not hospitalized following the incident. So is the accident affecting her lauched Fenty Beauty, it all cool to say Rihanna is still celebrating new skincare line Fenty Beauty which you can still watch with ASAP Rocky.

Rihanna is working despite minor situation on ground. We hope to hear her Fenty music song as well those songs from R9 she never want to loose grip on. While the e-scooter accident photo appeared on The Shade Room, Amahiphop still going update more about Rihanna health status.

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