Jay-Z Retiring No Soon, Drop Entrepreneur Song with Pharrell

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Jay-Z Retiring No Soon, Drop Entrepreneur Song with Pharrell

Jay-Z and Pharrell same this year shared this common fight for Justice with Rihanna, all teamed together for Justice to be severed for black student who was kill by white Officer. That is not really the first, second or more Hov worked as team to rain Justice. Despite that, Billionaire Rapper and Pharrell have been working relentlessly in absence of fans hopping something new from studio, from Jay will come to light.

It’s 2020 yet again Jay-Z is grinding so hard although Pharrell did good job, dragged 4:44 rapper into studio to assist on new song called Entrepreneur, a which is part of Pharrell Time package cover called The New American Revolution.

Entrepreneur, well the song also shared some lyrics where you can hear both Pharrell and Jay raps about black, you know how the system has been but basically Pharrell noted that the song  aimed on how tough it is to be an entrepreneur in the country, he just said that to Time.

In fact checking out another package were he expressed thoughtful gesture in an article he co-write with Michael Harriot and they called it America’s Past and Present Are Racist. We Deserve a Black Future. Still them same racist both have been fighting against. You can listen to the Entrepreneur song below.

Jay-Z last year didn’t drop any album and Amahiphop could not compiled his 2019 songs. He is one those rappers who have been taking a break. Jay-Z retirement is not anytime soon, he might get collaboration this year just his Entrepreneur with Pharrell.

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