Doja Cat Announces New Album: First Of All

Doja Cat Disses ULTRAL Black On New Song N.A.S

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Doja Cat Disses ULTRAL Black On New Song N.A.S

If there is a beef update in hip-hop community with back to back respond then Doja Cat and Nas are commonly shading themselves using what fans called diss track. Really, Nas and Cat are rambling or what is real between both.

Exactly, Nas could not give up on Doja Cat for perciving racist even taking it too far on chatroom, just according to how Doja Cat allegedly blamed for permanently crediting white color and get called out on Nas King’s Disease album on ULTRAL Black song.

ULTRAL Black is a diss song amied at Doja Cat ? Well since the hip-hop mogul mentioned her name, making it obvious and easy for fans to grip on it as Nas Doja Cat diss. Although the Mooo singer has earshot the track, felt offended, upset by the song of course. She addressed herself on Instagram the same time claimed she never tried to race any human color.

ULTRAL Black was first song released by Nas’s King’s Disease produced by Hit-Boy. Notably everyone expects Doja Cat to hopped on but not too late since she’s readying a new song called N.A.S.

Watching below video, Doja Cat revealed she’s coming, yes she’s literally trying to respond to ULTRAL Black using diss song she titled NAS. This could be something same thing we had between J. Cole and Noname though respectively.

Nas King’s Disease is out and you can stream it below and as for Doja Cat dropping new for Nas, Amahiphop isn’t sure about the date probably she’s released the song as a surprise.

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