Jay Electronica’s “Act II” Unveils Unofficial Song “Memories & Merlot”

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Jay Electronical “Act II” turned rare to get released. It’s seldom most
times makes us wonder if Jay is still working on that over-prolonged
project stems since 2012 of course that’s when he shared the tracklist.

Now something about the LP has surfaced as a leaked song though it
wasn’t released officially after we listened to the rough version of
“Memories & Merlot” that made its appearance on soundcloud. While is
no longer unbeknown but we are been signaled over the debuting date of
Act II, scheduled this year September 19.

Amahiphop despair on
this LP for the fact we have waited for project but is the releasing is
highly assured the we gripping to update streaming. Jay embraced deal
with Roc Nation during 2010 yet embarked on project and later completed
the LP on 2011.

From the tracklist Jay Z and Kanye West were
guest in separate song although billionaire Hov engaged on multiple songs.
check out Jay Electronica’s 2012 tracklist below.

1. Real Magic
2. New Illuminati f. Kanye West
3. Patents of Nobility
4. Life on Mars (@FatBellyBella)
5. Bonnie & Clyde guest starring
Serge Gainsbourg
6. Dinner at Tiffanys (The Shiny
Suit Theory) f. Charlotte
Gainsbourg, JAY-Z & The-Dream
7. Memories & Merlot
8. Better in Tune with the Infinite
f. Latonya Givens
9. A Letter to Falon
10. Road to Perdition f. JAY-Z
11. Welcome to Knightsbridge [ft.
Sean Diddy Combs]
12. Rough Love f. Kanye
13. Run & Hide guest starring
The Bullitts
14. Nights of the Roundtable
(First Draft Skeleton)
15. 10,000 Lotus Petals

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