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In one of Andrew Schulz  latest standup performances, which tackles the issues surrounding Diddy right now, 50 Cent is laughing a lot.

On Monday, April 1, Fif posted a video of the comedian mocking the allegations made against the music mogul in his show on Instagram.

He addressed the crowd, saying, “LA, I got tired of the media trying to smear this great city.” They’re calling you all a bunch of fucking drug addicts, paedophiles, and criminals. That is a very specific area of the city known as Diddy’s residence; it is not the entire city.

The only reason I believe he could be guilty is because of this. All LA celebrities who are not Diddy have had their homes robbed. And I gave it some thought. Like, man, what if Diddy is there? That’s why stealing him is terrifying? When you smash through the door, Meek Mill is sitting on his lap, caressing him as if he were a Maltese cat. He is completely nude.


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Meek Mill sobbing, ‘Oh no, hold on a second! I believed you to be done; Diddy is saying, “I can’t stop, I won’t stop.” The native of New York City continued. “You attempt to flee, but the door is secured. The words “You ain’t going nowhere” suddenly start to rhyme when you turn around. You will not disappear. There’s no stopping me now. You are the asshole here.

The song “Dreams and Nightmares” by Meek Mill, “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” by The LOX featuring Diddy, and “Bad Boy For Life” by Black Rob, Mark Curry, and Diddy are all mentioned in the section above.

“You said I chose violence, HE CHOSE VIOLENCE LOL @andrewschulz bro WTF,” the G-Unit leader captioned the photo.