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50 Cent Takes More Picture With Diddy Ex at Nicki Minaj Show

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During his unexpected visit to Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 2 Tour, 50 Cent continued to criticise Diddy and his ex-girlfriend Daphne Joy.

On Saturday night (March 30), Nicki brought out 50 people at Madison Square Garden in New York City to perform their Pink Friday 2 duet “Beep Beep” along with some of his other successes, such “Candy Shop.”

The G-Unit mogul wasted no time in criticising his infant mother Daphne Joy, who is alleged to have received sex money from Diddy.

“And you… and you… even if you’re a little sex worker,” 50 remarked, pointing to and expressing her affection for her admirers in the audience.

“I love you, you and you even if your a little sex worker, love ya it’s all love,” 50 commented alongside a video of the exchange that she shared on Instagram. “The Barbz are holding it down out there!”


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In the caption, he made reference to the current joke about “No Diddy” and shared video of the performance, writing, “Gag city vibes, no p Diddy.” Hey, I won’t be fronting Nicki because she has all the girls! I was thinking, “Damn baby, what are you doing?” as I peered out at the crowd. I then hurled my jacket towards these young prostitutes. LOL.

“What a HONOUR to have the SOUFSIDE JAMAICA, QUEENS NYC LEGEND pay a visit to G-CITY,” Nicki Minaj said after thanking 50 for coming on stage with her.”
Producer James “Lil Rod” Jones stated in an addendum to the sexual assault complaint he filed against Diddy earlier this year that Daphne Joy is one of several women Diddy gave a monthly stipend to in exchange for sex.