50 Cent Donald Trump


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This time, 50 Cent is trolling Diddy and Meek Mill by posting a deepfake video purporting to show Donald Trump using the N-word.

In reaction to the federal raids on Puffy’s mansions in Miami and Los Angeles, 50 shared the ridiculous video on Instagram early on Tuesday, March 26.

“Puffy, you stupid ass n-gga,” is heard former president Trump saying in the manipulated footage. You need to quit banging R. Kelly, I told you. “Grab them by the pussy,” I commanded. Avoid robbing the pussy.

“I saw that they looted your shit. I received a polite call after they broke into my home. You truly made a mistake, my n-gga.

In response to claims that Meek is gay and had sex with Diddy in the past Donald Trump continues, saying, “Can I get a copy of the Meek Mill sex tape? N-gga, please.


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By subtly projecting that Trump will win the 2024 presidential election, 50 fueled the controversy surrounding the post in the caption.

“What are we worried about, really? The world is almost over [emoji shrug]. This was made by an idiot. “I believe that Trump will become president once more, but I won’t say that,” he remarked.

When word leaked out about the raids on Diddy’s residences, 50 Cent reacted quickly and used it as further ammunition to take down his longstanding rival, whom he has been publicly mocking for his numerous sexual assault lawsuits in recent months.

50 made fun of the troubled Bad Boy leader by saying, “Shit just got real [eye emojis] the Fed’s in all the cribs, damn they got the kids in cuffs,” alongside pictures of TV footage showing the raids.