How Rick Ross Wins 50 Cent In Da Club Remix Lawsuit
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How Rick Ross Wins 50 Cent In Da Club Remix Lawsuit

Ricki Rose and 50 Cent are famously beef mate even recently their differences continue as hip-hop beef. 50 Cent, although In Da Club hit is one of his landmark song, so desperate and consciously about it. The song later got my Rick Ross which led Fiddy to sue him for copyright infringement.

This is not the main reason both turned foes at each other since some part of their early beef kicked-start over the past years as shared on Hip-hop beefs moved to 2020.

Rick Ross and 50 Cent In Da Club Remix beef started in 2015 following Rick’s mixtape called Renzel Remixes. The tape welcomed related songs with In Da Club shared same portion, probably it’s unbeknown to 50 Cent that Rick Ross remixed Da Club but later get the knowledge then sued him for copyright.

He sue Rick Ross because he used In Da Club beat in his mixtape without legal permission and made 50 Cent to seek $2M from him.

Rick Ross was able to stabilize the lawsuit last two years since judge handling the case ruled in favour of Rozay and after finding out 50 Cent don’t have full right on In Da Club master record but Shady/Aftermath Records did. 50 Cent signed away his right as part of agreement bounding him and Aftermath records.

The case in second appeal by 50 Cent still get ruled for Rick Ross in NY. The court is no longer questioning Rick Ross for using 50 Cent but might get probed by Shady/Aftermath records not 50 Cent himself.

Rick Ross is celebrating the big win against his notorious rival in hip-hop. Both this month slightly shared cooperation after 50 Cent mentioned Rick Ross favorite song. 50 Cent also demand to use Rick Ross song on his Starz show but has to follow Rozay instruction put on place.


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