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Kodak Black New Album Kill Bill Dropping This Year ?

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Kodak Black New Album Kill Bill Dropping This Year ?

Kodak Black is still imprisoned but slowing his music front is a concern and would like to drop new album this year, 2020 ? He’s last studio material, Dying To Live was released in 2018

While he has been sentenced to three years federal prison, just after pleading guilt for possessions guns, the Florida rapper simply managing to pull himself off using his attorney but will there be new album coming despite serving.

Already there is good impression, lately in April he Tweeted follow up to 2018 album  that Kill Bill is “coming real soon.” That was pretty cool, yet have not heard an update till his attorney confirmed Kodak Black album is dropping soon.

Can we get Kodak Black album, tho we be waiting to damn long, someone asked on Twitter which later got respond from Kodak’s lawyer, Yep is coming soon.

However, fans are waiting for the titled album Kill Bill to happen this year, hopefully the album will drop probably on or before 2021. In May Kodak Black was reported fighting with inmate. He received collective beaten from 7 men.

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