Here’s what ye has to say about people calling him crazy

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From dropping Donda to changing his name and squashing beefs, rapper Kanye west just have few words to say to haters. On Thursday in an interview with dream champs, the rapper had a lot to say to NORE and DJ EFN.

The rapper address critics who refers to him as crazy that he’s 7billi crazy. He referenced the reason why he’s been called crazy to he’s past relationship with Amber rose. He dated Amber rose just before he fell in love with his now ex wife Kim Kardashian.

Kanye west relating to his first diagnosis to bipolar says “When I slammed that paparazzi that day, they made me go to anger management,That was the beginning of my medication. That was the snowball [that] eventually [had me] diagnosed as bipolar.” he said.

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He also added that people are calling him crazy to hide the real truth about him because they cannot accept the fact that is who he is . “Anytime somebody wants to say that I’m wrong about something, hide the truth, lie…they say Ye’s crazy. It’s just the ultimate final cut off to not have to listen.”


Recently, he said he was willing to squash his beef with drake and now, he references drake’s beef in his conversation with NORE and DJ EFN said ,l “Stop talking, stop thinking, stop feeling, you crazy. Stop being like I don’t like that one Drake line, you crazy. Stop being like, damn I was the Louis Vuitton Don, now he got Virgil and the Nikes at the same time, you crazy.”

After speaking much talks about his run for presidency and his self worth, he came up not with a message to his critics saying, “Y’all not gonna diminish what I’m doing and what God is doing with me in the future by trying to cut my legs off or cut my influence off by calling me crazy. That don’t work.”

Watch full video below for more details and words from Kanye west.