Fat Joe’s “Family Ties” Enlist Em & Lil Wayne, Tops Their 2019 Songs

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Fat Joe's "Family Ties" Enlist Em & Lil Wayne, Tops Their 2019 Songs

Family Ties is gearing up and tiring up powerful hip moguls for December. Our December albums is even at the corner and Joe’s prolonged project is dated to hit streaming on 6th of next month.

Family Ties features both Lil and Dr Dre already there’s already released collaborative single we have heard as Pullin feat. Lil Wayne and assisted by Dre also.

Joe new 2019 trackslist is out featuring notable masterminds. Eminem featuring on Family Ties and Cardi B (Yes) already claimed her spot on same album. From what we can see on new Fat Joe Instagram post, about 10 tracks including Hitmaka, Anuel AA and more are contributors of respective singles.

Eminem and Lil Wayne are putting out new albums but Em has revealed his new 2019 album and hopefully to debuted next while Lil Wayne haven’t unwrap any date for Funeral album.

Joe featuring both parties means he’s adding more songs to Eminem 2019 features and also Lil Wayne’s 2019 songs.

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