Fat Joe Name DaBaby New Generation 2Pac

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Love it or loath it, our new generation rappers are taking the spot without the consent of anybody. Most of them self-title themselves GOAT names Like Lil Wayne, 2Pac and more hip-hop tycoon names.

Lil Baby isn’t the only rapper who struggled to date take over Lil Wayne as the Wayne of this generation though Baby has been under the spotlight since this year and you can even compare him with Lil Wayne when it comes to most featured rappers so far in 2021.

As Lil Wayne and Lil Baby drags most featured rapper 2021, the My Turn creator had already believe he is Lil of this generation without no hesitation.

While Lil Wayne could be happy seeing a new hip-hop rapper trying to maintain the legacy despite him being alive, then we are asking what about DaBaby.

There is a new recognition from Fat Joe to DaBaby. Joe who made appearance on Rap City 2021 might be partially pushing his accolade under DaBaby. He said DaBaby is the 2Pac of this 2021 generation. Like Joe is reminding us of what Ball It If Want rapper previous said earlier in January.

In January, DaBaby pronounced himself as the GOAT alive. Although respected Lil Wayne. So what do you all think because Fat Joe has mentioned DaBaby is the 2pac of this 2021 immediately he was asked who’s the version of Tupac Shakur by Tigger one of the hosts on Rap City.

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To Joe is a crazy question but had no other option to respond for the fact Tigger was referring to 2021 version of Pac. “I should know the Tupac one,” the Bronx, N.Y. rapper replied. “I don’t know, it’s hard to be these guys. You be asking some crazy stuff. I would say DaBaby.” Joe said.

Fat Joe and Tigger

This is a huge offer to DaBaby who was no time to share himself on Instagram as the 2021 version of Tupac Shakur. “Agreed,” he wrote, adding a thumbtack emoji to make a point. “But they gone salt that down too Crack,” the North Carolina rapper added along with a be quiet emoji.

“They gone make n*ggas slam they iPhone on the phone @fatjoe,” capping the post off with three laughing emojis.