Fake Kanye West Claims The Real Ye In Hollywood

Fake Kanye West Claims The Real Ye In Hollywood

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There might be a fake Kanye West around Hollywood that you would like to see.

A Kanye West imposter has come out to level up his stand by claiming he is the most real YE, not the other YE you might have been sharing.

If you stay around Hollywood, then the news could be more familiar since the Kanye West imposter is over there leveraging himself above Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband.

Normally, every artist has an imposter. Is either one fan acting to be what he or she is not or you see a photocopy of a resemblance. As of recent, this is what the Kanye West look-alike has been into.

Though the person in question didn’t claim to be the real Kanye West either by sharing his thoughts on social media.

However, he was caught by DJ R-Tistic, who spins at The Dime in West Hollywood and shared a photo of a man who has a resemblance to Kanye West. In the photo, the man is wearing dark shades, a black sweatshirt and leather pants. 

“Yooooo there’s been a fake Kanye running around Hollywood!” DJ R-Tistic captioned the photo below. “He came to an event I did yesterday and brought an entourage who told the door man he was . He even came up n asked me to play ‘his’ music.”

Whatever it looks right now, Aswehiphop can differentiate the real Kanye West and the imposter. The look-alike looks like some kind of losing weight, unlike the real who has flaunted his huge body.

You can check out the photo of Kanye West’s imposter below and let us know what you think.

Fake Kanye West
Kanye West Imposter in Hollywood

This is simply called fake Kanye West. But just like we said, the man didn’t take to social media himself to prank people as the real Kanye West. But mainly looking at his appearance, seem his outfit and resemblance are claiming the might, Ye.