Watch Ice Spice ‘Deli’ Music Video

Watch Ice Spice ‘Deli’ Music Video

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You know Ice Spice has been working hard to survive among her rival in the female rap game. She looks so fresh but Spice is one of these female rappers who have done it again not only on the Billboard Hot 100. Ice Spice Deli is here today, reminding us of her LIKE album.

Ice Spice has been featured on a slew of songs. However, many understand how incredible has gone since some of her songs appeared on Billboard’s top 10.

Sure, you might have listened to Princess Diana, the first version and the Nicki Minaj version. That track which is also one of the songs on her LIKE happened to be among the lead tracks.

Well, Princess Diana gave her good shade but another smooth lovely song is Ice Spice “Deli” which just released the official music video. Checking out the best female rap songs and videos of 2023, Ice Spice Deli is also listed.

Ice Spice Deli music video directed by George and Frederick Buford and herself, the Bronx rapper bigs up her fellow baddies and warns her competitors from a packed deli in New York City.

“Taking her spot / If you ain’t cooking, then get off the pot / My name Ice, but I always stay hot,” she raps with a fistful of dollars while her girls twerk and fans gather aside.

On a special note, Deli is an additional song on Ice SpiceLike deluxe album”. The additional songs include “How High?”, “Butterfly Ku”, and “On The Radar”. This is just for the new album.

Below you can watch the video and let us know what you think. Also, you can check out Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj’s “Barbie World” music. It’s also on Nicki Minaj’s 2023 songs and features compilation.