Eric Holder Killed Nipsey Hussle

Eric Holder Killed Nipsey Hussle; Found Guilty of First-Degree Murder

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On March 31st 2019 Nipsey Hussle was killed in front of his Marathon Clothing store. The incident saw the appearance of both the late west coast rapper and his accused killer Eri Holder. Having been arrested, Eric Holder Killed Nipsey Hussle as the Los Angeles County jury also found him guilty of first-degree murder.

It has been reported that Eric Holder only been guilty of murder but also on two counts of attempted voluntary manslaughter for the gunfire that hit other men at the scene. Eric Holder is Nipsey Hussle’s friend and both grow up on the street as well as shared the same gang group. He was guilty of killing Nipsey and was on Wednesday his case from brought to justice in favour of Nipsey Hussle.

The 32-year-old Eric Holder is now a first-degree murderer in the 2019 shooting of the Grammy-winning rapper who was loved by his fans and other hip-hop legends. Normally Nipsey Hussle’s death was a life taken away from him after well know as an inspiration to the neighbourhood.

On appeared in court on Wednesday on his suit. He wore a black suit while maintaining Covid-19 precautionary measures as a nose mask. He stood in court with his lawyer encountered for him. Though Eric Holder’s lawyer Aaron Jansen admitted during the trial that his client shot Nipsey Hussle but had sought a lesser verdict of voluntary manslaughter.

Aaron Jansen in an email he sent in condemned the first-degree murder by his client “It was always going to be tough given the high profile circumstances surrounding the case,”

A jury of twelve people, nine women and three men was able to hold Eric Ronald Holder Jr who opened fire on the rapper. They testified against him during the trial. He was found not guilty of attempted murder against Kerry Lathan, who was wounded in the same attack. He had pleaded not guilty. He now faces up to life in prison.

Eric Holder’s lawyer argued that his client had no intention of harming either of the wounded men, both of whom were strangers to him, when he attacked Hussle outside of store in the Crenshaw neighborhood where both the rapper and his assailant grew up, reports NY Times

Authorities had a hard time getting people to testify in the case. “I don’t know nothing, don’t see nothing,” Mr. Lathan, who was wounded in the incident, said during his turn on the witness stand. “You don’t want to testify about what happened?” the prosecutor asked.

“That’s right,” Mr. Lathan added.

Last week, Eric Holder was attacked by multiple individuals in the holding cell at the jail. The attack included a razor and the back of his head was cut for which he needed staples. Eric Holder killed Nipsey Hussle and will face up to life in prison.

Nipsey Hussle’s death can’t be forgotten. Many of his friends continue to mourn and some keep on paying tribute. After his death, DJ Khaled featured him on Higher both in video. Watch below.