Survivors Guilt

Joey Badass Releases New Song ‘Survivors Guilt’ from 200 Album

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One thing you should know about Joey’s 200 album releasing date is that he doesn’t want to compete with anybody. Last month was full of competitive albums, BREEZY, Honestly, Nevermind and more other album were released late last month and you can check out all the June albums. In that case Joey had to push back his 200 album which was officially set to get released on June 17th. But it didn’t later happen. In that he shared Survivors Guilt while we wait.

Although Joey has comment about major reason why he pushed back his new album. According to him:  “I wanted to have a new date before I told you guys but it’s out of my control” he said at the time. Joey, in March he shared Heads High song, in June 30th he released Where I Belong song and today being July, he has also released a new song

Below you can stream Survivors Guilt which is set to appear on his “200” album as promised to get released this month, on July 22nd 2022. So the album’s new release date has been set and more songs might come ahead of the album. Check out the song titled, Survivors Guilt.

In more details about Joey Badass’s new song, is a tribute to Pro-Era co-founder, Capital Steez. The heartfelt song can be heard below, which serves as a sort of sequel to their popular track from 2012, ‘Survival Tactics‘.

Capital Steez, the co-founder of Brooklyn-based rap collective Pro Era, died by suicide on December 23, 2012, after jumping from the roof of the Cinematic Music Group office. He was 19 years old.

December 22 2022 will reminds us that it is the 10yrs anniversary Brooklyn rapper Capital STEEZ took away his life. He killed himself at the age of 19. He never loses any acclaim from those who maintain absolute respect. Joey Badass is one of them and he has used his new song to pay tribute.

Capital STEEZ death occurred in December 2012 after jumping from the roof of the Cinematic Music Group headquarters.