Saweetie's Sexy Nani Video Out Now, Stream On Aswehiphop

Saweetie’s Sexy Nani Video Out Now, Stream On Aswehiphop

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Saweetie‘s Sexy Nani Video has officially set the tone for this summer. The Santa Clara, CA-born rapper released the steamy video for her new single “NANI” on Friday, May 17. And it has already become the season’s hottest soundtrack.

In the vibrant visual. Saweetie commands attention as she sings poolside, donning an array of neon bikinis and matching nails.

Also, The “My Type” rapper also stuns in a beaded bathing suit. Which was accompanied by friends who showcase their impressive twerking skills.

Furthermore, The imagery perfectly encapsulates the fun and energy of summer, making Saweetie’s Sexy Nani Video a must-watch.

To celebrate the release, Saweetie posted a video on X (formerly Twitter). She expressed her gratitude to fans, saying…

“Happy release day for ‘NANi’. I just wanna give a special thank you to everybody who has been anticipating and supporting it. I hope you guys like the video”.

This message resonated with her followers, which further boosted the excitement around Saweetie’s Sexy Nani Video.

However, Saweetie has been making headlines for more than just her music. Last month, she became the center of attention due to a social media exchange involving her ex-boyfriend, Quavo.

The drama unfolded after Quavo mentioned her in his diss track “Over Hoes & Bitches”, aimed at Chris Brown.

Quavo’s lyrics…

“I can take a model bitch and make a Saweetie, n-gga”…

Didn’t sit well with Saweetie.

In response, she posted a screenshot of an unread direct message from Quavo dating back to January 2024.

The partial message read…

“Damn. We used to mean af to each…”

With Saweetie’s caption reading…

“Hopefully the model he turns into me replies”.

While this post went viral, it also added another layer of intrigue to Saweetie’s Sexy Nani Video release.

Saweetie and Quavo’s relationship began in 2018 and ended in 2021 amid allegations of infidelity. This backstory, combined with the timing of her new video, has kept fans and media alike buzzing about Saweeti’s every move.

In addition to the personal drama, Chris Brown also entered the fray. He used his song “Weakest Link” to throw shade at Quavo, boasting about a past encounter with Saweetie while she was still dating Quavo.

Brown’s lyrics…

“You fucked my ex-ho, that’s cool, I don’t give no fuck, lil n-gga. ‘Cause I fucked yo’ ex when you were still with her, bitch, I’m up, lil n-gga”, stirred controversy.

He further referenced a viral video of Quavo and Saweetie involved in a physical altercation in an elevator, adding…

“Stop talkin’ ’bout beatin’ girls, you was beatin’ bitches on the elevator. We seen the tapes, that’s devastating”.

Despite the drama, Saweetie’s Sexy Nani Video remains the focal point. It highlights her ability to capture the spirit of summer while navigating the complexities of her personal life in the public eye.

The video is a testament to her resilience and star power.

In conclusion, Saweetie’s Sexy Nani Video not only delivers a sizzling summer anthem but also underscores Saweetie’s status as a formidable force in the music industry.

With its vibrant visuals and catchy beats, this release is set to dominate summer playlists.

Also, The intrigue surrounding her personal life only adds to the allure, making Saweetie’s Sexy Nani Video an essential topic in pop culture conversations.

Watch the video below