Diddy Denies Involvement in 2Pac's Murder, Says 2Pac's Brother

Diddy Denies Involvement In 2Pac’s Murder, Says 2Pac’s Brother

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Mopreme Shakur, 2Pac’s brother, recently disclosed that Diddy reached out to him years ago. He said that Diddy denied any connection to the 1996 murder of the legendary rapper 2pac.

In a conversation with The Art of Dialogue. 2pac’s brother Mopreme Shakur shared the details of his conversation with Diddy.

Shakur recalled…

“The boy Puffy called me though. Puff called me back in the day. He was like…

‘I just want you to know I ain’t have nothing to do with your brother’s [murder].

I know who you are, but we never met and I just want to call you man to man and let you know that I ain’t have nothing to do with your brother’s death”.

However. The call from Diddy to Mopreme Shakur occurred in the early 2000s. This was shortly after the L.A. Times published an article implicating Diddy in the case.

Although. Mopreme acknowledged the call. But he noted that the truth surrounding the incident had not yet been fully revealed.

While regarding Diddy’s intentions. Mopreme Shakur also pointed out that Diddy’s call could have been an attempt to clear his name or a sincere gesture.

But this revelation comes on the heels of Duane “Keefe D” Davis being arrested and charged in the 1996 murder of 2Pac. And this development has reignited discussions about the circumstances of 2Pac’s death.

Also. Mopreme Shakur, during an appearance on The Comedy Hype News Show. Emphasized the importance of law enforcement’s role in investigating the case.

He stated…

“This individual [Keefe D] mentioned [Diddy’s] name. Law enforcement has a job to do. Will they do it?”.

Furthermore. 2pac’s brother also emphasized that the current developments suggest that 2Pac may be vindicated.

Especially because there were doubts and skepticism about his claims during the turbulent days when the events transpired.

“I’m fortunate enough to have my freedom. I consume media. I’ve seen these interviews they speak of that they used to land this indictment on this dude. I’ve seen ’em and he’s saying things I got questions about”. Mopreme stated.

With Keefe D’s arrest and his mentions of possible accomplices. There is renewed hope for accountability in a case that has remained unsolved for 27 years.

The arrest marks the first time charges have been filed in connection with 2Pac’s murder.

Keefe D has consistently mentioned

Diddy in interviews related to 2Pac’s death.

Previously. He accused the Bad Boy mogul of contributing to the fall of the Death Row empire.

In conclusion. The unfolding developments surrounding this historic case continue to captivate the public’s attention.

And it’s begining to come up with renewed hopes for answers to long-standing questions.