2pac Murder Diddy

“2pac Murder” Diddy Had Hands In It_ 50 Cent Claims.

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50 Cents has revealed on his Monday (October 9) instagram post that The rap Mogul “Diddy” has something to do with 2pac Murder and he has advised  authorities to invite him for questioning.

This came up as a very big allegations to the Bad Boy boss “Diddy”  from the  G-Unit mogul “50 Cent” which people  who are interested  in the case of 2pac Murder will not take as a joke for any reason.

Although, the G-Unit mogul “50 Cent” is known for always wanting  to drag Diddy, but this time, it’s  might just going be seen as a usual  thing that always  go one between  them, but something  that needs to be investigated.

50 Cent Clearly stated  that ” the Killing of 3pac was ordered by Diddy”  after which he advised that he should  be arrested for some investigations.

2pac Murder Diddy

“Damn so pac got lined by brother love, referencing Diddy’s R&B moniker. “LOL Time to Lawyer up, shit might get sticky.” 50 Cent wrote on his instagram post.

Meanwhile, in the post he made on  Instagram on Monday (October 9), he included some picture of the late rapper “2pac”  which he took with Suge Knight in the night of his shooting  that led to his untimely death.

Although, no one can actually tell what led 50 Cent to make such post about Diddy’s involvement in 2pac Murder, but it has once been a rumor that he was part of the shooting  planners after  Duane “Keefe D” Davis confession when he was arrested  concerning  the death of the rapper.

Despite  the rumours, Diddy has not been  arrested  for once concerning  this case, but right now, 50 Cent  is calling  on the authorities  that are in charge of the investigation to invite Diddy  for clear investigation and it seems thay he has some evidences.