Did 50 Cent Truly Accept Rick Ross Defeat

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Rick Ross win lawsuit

Fiddy has not viciously left his troll lately, following his legal battle with his Rick Ross 2015 In da Club Remix Lawsuit. 50 Cent yet to unleash his own cent and many have been wondering about the case and why Curtis James Jackson has not showed up. Does it means truly 50 Cent loose one of his biggest beef with Rick Ross, It is a conversation you might like to join and discuss.

As said, the lawsuit stemmed from 2015, having Rick Ross on neck for utilizing In Da Club beat without permission, just as 50 Cent claimed it wrong and demand $2M from Roazy for copywriter infringement.

Judge dissmied the case after 50 Cent don’t full right over In Da Club beat master record, but someone else. So did 50 Cent truly accept the ruled in favour of Rick Ross or is he forwarding to supreme court. Although 50 Cent signed away his right as part of agreement bounding him and Aftermath records meanwhile have nothing to do with Rick Ross anymore but lets see next action.

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