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Busta Rhymes Revealed Biggie’s Verse Hitting on 2Pac

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During their notorious dispute, Biggie took jabs at 2Pac in a verse on one of Busta Rhymes tracks. Busta Rhymes provided some clarification on the passage.

Bus-A-Bus recently shared the origins of Biggie’s stanza on “Dangerous MC’s” on the All The Smoke podcast, detailing how the verse came complete without Biggie ever writing a word.

“We met again in another session. We share a studio. Not that big. It’s interesting that I have no idea if somebody composed all of their rhyme or just a portion of it. However, no one threw in the towel because motherfuckas were curious about Biggie’s next move, he said.

Never understood the Meth and Nas verse. On the third day, I arrived at Soundtracks. Elevators work well. Cease and Big arrive. They arrive by car. Now, Meth and Nas have arrived twice in a row. Not a huge deal. They were therefore not arriving on the third day.

“At the time, Branson was selling the best buds in the neighbourhood here at the Motherfuckin’ Studio, and he would package them in these jars that looked like Motherfuckin’ Pickle Jars—mason jars. Biggie would arrive with the Branson jars, and Cease would roll the blunts. He was rolling joints. He continued, shaking his head from side to side, “Blunt after blunt after blunt and Biggie just sitting in one of the studio chairs — got the wheels on it that roll around — he’s sitting in that shit just doing this while a beat was playing.”

“One hour, two hours, he just smoking,” he went on. He is not writing a blank. I say to myself, “My n-gga, you ain’t going to do this verse my n-gga?” after about three hours. “I’m ready, Buss,” said that n-gga.

The rapper from “Break Ya Neck” recalled making fun of Biggie for not writing anything down, then watching in shock as he recorded his verse as soon as he entered the booth.

Necklace of diamonds, chrome drop-top Smokin’ pounds of green while chillin’ on the scene / Oooh-wee, you see, the ugliest How much money is the most hungry person in Brooklyn? Nine millimetre cock test, wan fi’ test? And that skinny youngster isn’t the winner. Tattoos, bandanas, and my skin never bruises Frank White, land still cruise…” he rapped.

“I love these n-ggas man,” Busta said, expressing his conflict between his connection with 2Pac and Big, who had obviously taken direct jabs at him. It’s me who gets to mediate. I am unable to fan this flames. I haven’t released it. However, the verse was later included on Diddy’s Born Again album.