Biggie’s Mother Celebrates Son; “I Love My Son” Even in Tears

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Biggie’s mom can’t stop mourning her only son. Late Christopher Wallace professionally known as Notorious Biggie received a sound 50th birthday celebration. Biggie 50th birthday celebration was reminded his mom Voletta Wallace the past.

Biggie was one the most respected hip-hop tycoon that can always be trace from 90’s generation of hip-hop. His popular contender is 2Pac and both were killed on a drive by shoot.

The history of Notorious Biggie can’t be overemphasized, his historical biography has place notable roll in today’s hip-hop. Meanwhile, Biggie’s mom made a though gesture of being a mother and will be a mother forever despite the lost of her only child.

Biggie 50th birthday celebration featured more amazing things just as we previously shared. His birthday was held on 21st of May but organisers and supports of biggie began to celebrate on 20th of May.

Mom Voletta Wallace felt so deep about her so who would have turned 50 lately last 21st of May. Her speech was touch, she described her son as the people’s mind. I love my son even in tears, she said. Check out her Biggies’s mom speech on son’s 50th birthday anniversary below.

“First, I need to thank all the staff and everyone at the Empire State building who put all this together. I am a proud mother tonight. I don’t do proud. I am one of the most humble human beings you will find on the face of the earth. But tonight, I can say I am proud. I am proud to be a mother of one of the nicest human beings you will ever know, that is my son Christopher Wallace.”

Ms. Wallace continued, “tonight is also bittersweet. I would have loved for my son to be here to witness this. And then again, think about it… if he was here, I don’t think this would have happened. Ohhhh, nooo… It wouldn’t.

“So, he’s not here, and I wish, with all my heart, that he would see all of you. All of the friendly faces. All of the genuine love that’s been permeating throughout this room, throughout New York City, Brooklyn, and the world,” Ms. Wallace said.

The queen further declared, “I love my son. I will always say I’m a mother forever. Forever. I wanna thank you all for coming up to be here to share the love. Not only to spread love the Brooklyn way but to spread love worldwide.”