blueface sentenced five Years for shooting

Blueface Will Serve Up to Five Years in Prison for Shooting at a Man

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Blueface five years sentence in Prison for Shooting at a man if he doesn’t comply with the  judge’s demands

Blueface has been sentenced for his role in a shooting that transpired outside a Las Vegas strip club.

Suspended Sentence was given to blueface for Shooting

On October 2nd (Monday), Blueface appeared in court to be sentenced after pleading guilty over the summer for his involvement in the Las Vegas shooting. The judge sentenced Blue, real name Jonathan Jamall Porter, to a suspended sentence of 24-60 months for the crime, which occurred in October of 2022. A suspended sentence does not translate to prison time, at least not yet. It serves as a legal arrangement in which a person who has been found guilty. Of a crime is not yet sentenced to jail. However, the accused will be ordered to serve the suspended sentence.If he or she commits another crime during a specified period or breaks the judge’s mandate.

In Blueface’s case, the judge said he can’t be seen around anyone with a firearm. And told Blue he’s “playing with his liberty” if he surrounds himself with guns. He is also not allowed to attend any strip clubs in the downtown Las Vegas area.

“He can only be in those areas.If he has work applications or any legitimate basis to be there. Not as a pastime,” the judge said.

Blue also cannot interact with the victim of the shooting or his family. He must stay away from drinking and smoking during the extent of his probation.

The shooting victim—Kentavious Traylor—told the judge at Blueface’s sentencing that he was disappointed with the outcome.

“I know people who get more time for stealing bubblegum,” Traylor said. “I’m just completely disappointed in all of this.”

Traylor also took time to take a court selfie with Blueface in the background.




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