Akon Supports Nick Cannon Of His Numerous Kids

Akon Supports Nick Cannon Of His Numerous Kids

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Akon supports Nick Cannon in his numerous kids. The lonely singer has been busy since this year giving out what he thinks in any questions that come across him. The latest question he was asked lately is about Nick Cannon.

If you have been around the 90s to date and you exactly know who Nick Cannon is then you can as well be able to give transparent information about how the American television host has been widely expanding his family with children.

Nick Cannon has about 11 children from different women. Not up to a dozen but that might come later in the future, probably. The top of his consistency in welcoming babies from women was brought up around Akon. Akon who appeared on The Zeze Millz Show just on Monday (Dec. 19) was asked to give his opinion on Nick’s family. How he keeps welcoming kids, to be precise.

Well, Akon’s response was given out straight with ice-cracking. To Akon, he believes having too many kids and women is how life is supposed to be. Didn’t only say that but he backed it up with qualified reasons which Nick Cannon indeed merit. Maybe you should check out his comment below.

“Do you agree with Nick Cannon and his spreading of his seed?” asked the popular interviewer.

“I agree with him 1,000 percent,” said Akon sternly in the video below. “That’s how life is supposed to be. He’s rich, he’s responsible … He takes care of every one of those children. And the baby mothers are with it, they hurt for nothing and they live comfortably.”

Akon tries to prove that having many kids isn’t the problem but that taking care of them should be a huge responsibility. However, he didn’t blame Nick but rather praised him for being there for every one of them. Akon also used himself as an example. He said he has 9 children and he is always there for them.

While the full details tables on XXL, you can as well watch the video below. Akon defending Nick Connon 1 dozen of children is one of the things we have seen him doing during an interview. Nick Cannon’s kids are many Akon is not against that.

Akon gave his support to Nick while on the interview. Not the first as said because earlier this month he joined The Game and give support to Kanye West and his dramatic comments. Before that, he had talked about Chris Brown missing Michael Jackson’s legacy.

The Smack That singer back in August shared his first song of 2022 which he titled Enjoy That. 2022 is almost done meanwhile we are not sure he will still drop new song this year, many next spring.