Akon Believes Chris Brown is the Michael Jackson

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Akon on it. The question of who the living Michael Jackson can’t be overemphasised because till now people are still wondering who merits retaining Michael Jackson’s legacy. Chris Brown has been viewed a couple of times. 50 Cent once claimed Breezy is better than the late Michael Jackson.

Maybe you want to hear Chris Brown and Usher who is a better Michael Jackson. Well, Akon has something for you to hear. He’s giving to Chris Brown because he got the talent to behave like MJ. Meanwhile, Usher has mostly put in comparison with Chris Brown and if you talk about Chris Brown and Usher, then you should also balance it with Michael Jackson.

However, comparing Chris Brown with Usher will always end in perspectives. Either you say Chris Brown is better or Usher is. But you need to know what Chris Brown said when they try to put him over Usher.

Usher the Michael Jackson

From our reviews for who is the living Michael Jackson, about 80% finger-point the Under The Influence singer. Even Akon can tell you more about Chris Brown being the only R&B singer that has the talent to do the Michael Jackson legacy.

Chris Brown get akon praise
Chris Brown

According to Akon: “In this day and age, the only person, in my opinion, that could have achieved just as great as a legacy as Mike to me could’ve been Chris Brown,” Akon said on Club Shay Shay.

“I just believe that Chris Brown wasn’t surrounded by the circle of creative people that Mike was surrounded by,” he continued. “‘Cause Chris got talent. He just needed the direction. So, imagine if Chris had Mike’s team. Just imagine that. It would be something different.”

Michael Jackson King of R&B
Michael Jackson

“But Chris, he got Bloods around. He got little gangbangers around, he don’t have the guidance. He smart, but he’s smart according to what this generation’s smart attracts. For me to survive in this era, I gotta keep certain things around me, certain people around me.”

As you can see is more of Chris Brown but just like 50 Cent, although what he made clear about Chris Brown is that Chris Brown would have been the living Michael but he doesn’t fix himself with sort of Michael Jackson group. You can watch Akon talk about Chris Brown and Michael Jackson below.

Other artists who have called Chris Brown Michael Jackson include 50 Cent, Fivio Foreign, Chris Brown producer and more like fans. They have always seen Chris Brown as the Michael Jackson of this generation even to date.