50 Cent Said Chris Brown Is Better Than Michael Jackson

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50 Cent Said Chris Brown Is Better Than Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson no longer receiving accolades from 50 Cent rather Fiddy maintain new brand, simply admitting Chris Brown is Bigger and Better thank Michael Jackson.

50 Cent and Chris Brown has been along for a very consecutive years and last collaboration in common was Romie and Juliet. Look like the “Power” producer still wants his tumultuous relationship with breezy forward ahead.

Yesterday, Foofy took to his Instagram, unleash caption that even got him queried by most of his fans who also fan late Michael Jackson.

Who is the best selling R&B right now ? 50 Cent already post his top selling R&B singer with best-selling singles artist of all time after selling 69.5 million singles in the U.S, no other but Chris Brown ?

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The heck part is 50 later said Chris Better is better than Michael Jackson and of this has broad extensively, sparking debates on Instagram comment section. “CB better then MJ to me now,” wrote 50.

Who is ready to safe MJ prestige after Fiddy  decide to step further and took shot on late Jackson, despite crowing Chris Brown as the best seller of all time. “I can’t believe mike wanted to touch the little boys booty,” added 50. “what the fuck man.” he add.

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It’s very rare 50 Cent run-in with Chris Brown. Over the past years, Breezy and Cent are such close to each and needles to talk about his beef with peers in Hip-Hop, doing damages control and trolling fellow art. but Breezy.

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