6ix9ine Baby Mama Crying On IG Live After New Girlfriend Visits Him In Jail

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69 babay mama jade

Tekashi 6ix9ine, Jade and baby mama are now getting to the other side irrespective he is still indoor. 69 never get close to his baby mama since he was jail but he do accept visit from Jade whom we reported yesterday that visit the FEFE rapper. May be Baby is not aware of that until Jade took to her social account and shared a new photo from the jail where she and 69 where having some moment of love with arms. Is just obvious that FEFE rapper might have crashed with her baby because he was desperately want Jade to visit him which took place few days ago.

His baby the took her own social after the Jade and 69 play around by hugging each other and verbally express her feeling following what actually happen with Jade and Tekashi 6ix9ine . Source also made us to know that Tekashi 6ix9ine  has been some consistent to Jade and throughout the whole holidays he has been designing Jade with fashionable gift while in prison.

His baby is not happy and she took to her instagram saying, “If  really you want to say that anybody is better then better say that it’s him,”  69 baby mama said. “Because regardless of what people wonna be like you just have a baby, no I had seven years with this person, and in a matter of a year I’ve seen everything make him the ugliest person ever. So if you want that then you can have that I don’t care. I just want my daughter to be good.”

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The rapper is current waiting for his racketeering and if things turn bad you counld face the prison time.

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