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Snoop Dogg Set To Release New Album ‘I Wanna Thank Me’ Next Month

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‘I Wanna Thank Me album amahiphop

I has been all about Snoop dogg on our Facebook and most of his fans has always wanted to stream a new album from him. Last album was actually a prolific and also a lucrative project that earn him some acclaim added to his high profile hip-hop rapper alive. We also learned that 2018 album tap him up where he released an album called Bible Of Love. As you can see that project indirectly not a hip-hop album but a Gospel album from a legendary Snoop Dogg. If you are real fan of Snoop Dogg then you need to sit behind him to welcome some new from as the new year 2019 has bring something different.

Snoop just reignite his social media Instagram as he notify his millions fans about his upcoming project that’s about to have a new shape this year. You recall one of the legend Ice Cube who leap out his hit album last year called EVERYTHANGS CORRUPT. I think Snoop and Ice are current working on new hit. Probably that will be on new album which Snoop dogg is talking about. Dogg took it on his Instagram account and review that there will be a new record this year just on February as he said. The album is is called ‘I Wanna Thank Me’

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Well, we are currently waiting and he made the anticipating obvious. The New album name was revealed and as a matter of fact, we will still update you all immediately we receive more information about Snoop Dogg new 2019 album stay tune.

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