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50 cent responds to Stevie J “uncle Tom” with Diddy boy friend jab

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Stevie J and 50 Cent continue to trade barbs on social media, with the G-Unit leader now referring to his opponent as “Diddy’s boy friend.”

During an interview with TMZ on Tuesday, April 2, the producer called Fif a “Uncle Tom” who “wants to bring the Black community down.”

“You can’t ignore it when dealing with guys like that—Uncle Tom cats like that,” he remarked. “I don’t see anyone covering Tatted Up Holly’s claims that he beat her and the claims of his other baby moms that he did the same. I simply see it as an attempt to undermine the Black community more than anyone else. How is that the case?

The “Candy Shop” hitmaker posted a photo of himself holding a Branson Cognac with the message, “Diddy’s boy friend called me a sell out, He is correct I’m selling out BRANSON COGNAC LOL [clapping emojis] drink responsibly,” shortly after the aforementioned remarks started making the rounds on the internet.


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According to the most recent complaint filed against Diddy, 50 Cent made fun of Stevie J last week for supposedly having sex with males. Stevie J then challenged 50 Cent to a fight.

Whoa say that ain’t so @hitmansteviej_1? Fif, who has been cruelly making fun of the troubled Bad Boys boss due to his legal issues, also took a jab at the Hitmen veteran. This is a terrible mess, wow.