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5 Fundamental & Basic Hip-Hop Production Tips

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Research has also shown that good music is good for your health. But whatsoever good music you are listening to has great features that makes it standout. Especially producer like Dr Dre is one of the production influencer when it comes to hip-hop environment.

We call it digital production or digital beat. The hip-Hop genre is commonly one of the popular platforms to do raps and for a quality beat to penetrate, you only need that fundamental acknowledgement to improve production and its skills. It might be that rare gripping on that dream studio simply to get a better production, but what if you manage a little indoor studio, well equipped with related production instruments yet the drawback clangs as the inability to handle your structured Keyboard, Amp, and more of the other metrics.

Today on Amahiphop we finally got some tips to electrify your studio? oh no not only that but to enhance your production skills. Some strategy that is about to enlist in this post will help us to handle things that are needed. Again, listening to most of our wizardry rappers, and singers’ songs at least there’s this mastermind beat behind their music quality, and don’t even think you are exceptional in most cases because you only need that skills to craft beats and turn yourself into a professional producer. Just give me a couple of minutes to unleash what I have studied and then render it as a professional. Meanwhile, Links Strict is finally a producer apart from being a professional hip-hop freak blogger. I guess it sounds amazing, though let’s just start below.

Beat Sample & Pack

Behind any professional producer, there’s also a solid sample beat or pack that backs his beat production. That beat is quite real and dope! but the fact is that the producer has earlier focused on making a solidifying sample. Getting started in a studio as a producer, I think you need a better sample to boom your beat. It’s extremely necessary to meditate and work or pick a good sample for yourself. Many of them are out there online to be downloaded and check out.

My research that landed me on MusicRadar showed a list of free music samples, loops to go for if you are looking for any. Make sure you are concise in handling quality packs like the snappy, punchy drums, heavy 808s, sizzling hi-hat samples, and unique musical samples that will simply give a bit layer in melody.

Inability To Handle EQ (Kick & Bass)

You see I keep telling most of the producers in the studio to make out time to deal with Kick and Bass. That’s a typical effect that has been an issue to most upcoming producers. I was told that if there’s a lot of lowest frequencies, your mix is probably suffering. This is a matter of carefulness and being able to handle EQ. As an upcoming producer, many things in the studio need to be set proper just the Kick and Bass, and once both of them bleed it will result in bad producing skills. To get this ride-off to make sure you put the Kick and Bass in a perfect space and is all about sidechain. Let me give tips to overcame bad K.B. Make sure you apply the stock processor to the bass track. Let the Kick track acts as the sidechain input and one more thing is the attack settings, endeavor performs as fast it can.


Hi-Hats is another solid production strategy that everyone loves from professional producers. I recalled we listed about Top Hip-Hop songs, most of them were produced with a heavily Hi-Hates. Dr. Dre‘s style of Hi-Hats in hip-hop production is something you to learn from any of his songs. In the Hip-Hop genre, Dr Dre has the best partan of handling Hi-Hats of course that’s one of the secrete to producing better songs.


Saturation I mean here is simply to saturate your 808s. Fat bass is cool to listen but if you are a producer and don’t know the secret maybe I should tell you that saturation is the appeal behind it. Why you need to apply Saturation is that it will enable your bass thrill with low end. additionally to these tips, always try the respective saturation format or style of a technique. If you lack the perfect style in developing or creating your 808 I think that’s another effect that is hurting your production. I prefer you know how to create a cool 808. 808 can be figured out from sine wave and it normally renders a low frequency, meanwhile, if you are using it on mini speakers you won’t hear it. When this happens then you go for saturation.

Saturation helps in sending out sounds to be heard. Is distorting and harmonics that will enhance your credibility. Let me suggest some tools that will help you 808 sound fat but remember that there are many of them to research but check

  • Fielding DSP – Reviver: For just 29 USD, this plugin is incredibly powerful to generate harmonic distortion and give your bass that extra weight and power to cut through your speakers
  • AudioDamage FuzzPlus3: A free plugin to experiment with dirtier types of distortion
  • Softube Saturation Knob: A one-knob wonder. It’s simple but effective!

Another hint: to make your 808 looks professional, you should allow the Hip-Hop sub bass preset on Operator, paired with the “Kick Tight” preset on Corpus. Give it a shot.

Ensure Simple Beat

You cant keep trying to produce a test that will get someone disliking your beat. Hip-Hop producers are mainly don’t understand why is good to make the beat simple and concise. Some beats need to be stripped down to the bare minimum to leave enough space
for the vocal track of the rapper. This is because vocals need to be
the centre of attention of the song. Cardi B’s Money is quite a sample of a simple beat although the song was looking high.

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