YSL Polo murder case

YSL Polo to be Removed from Rico Trial_ Young Thug’s Attorney

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Young Thug’s Attorney  Brian Steelhas raised  a new motion  in court where he requested  for the removal of the YSL Polo from the Rico Trial  due to their recent  behaviours.

This petition  from Young Thug’s Attorney  came to the public notice  on Saturday (September 2) after the release  of a snippet  from the court, but according  to report. Brian Steelhas  presented  the petition  on Thursday (August 30).

Judge Ural Garrett was actually the one handling  the case on that August 30th to which Young Attorney  presented  his petition  to, requesting  that YSL Polo whose real name is “Cordarius Dorsey” should  be out from the Rico trial.

Meanwhile, Cordarius Dorsey seems to be in a violent  state at the court following  the way he positioned  his head and hands while  sitting  behan  Young Thug Attorney behind the court room.

After hearing Brian Steelhas  petition, Judge Ural Garrett actually agreed  to his request which was just to ensure that Young Thig continues  to receive a very fair trial from the court .

“Jeffery Williams, by and through undersigned counsel, hereby files this motion to Sever Parties in the above-referenced case,” read Steel’s motion. “In support of this Motion, Mr. Williams shows as follows. Mr. Williams is innocent of all charges in the above-referenced indictment. Mr. Dorsey, a co-indictee, has displayed unprofessional and unacceptable conduct in Court, in the presence of this Honorable Court, as announced on the Record on Thursday, August 31, 2023,” Young Thug Attorney’s petition reads.

Meanwhile, some announcements say the ongoing  Rico case will face some kind of delay until Polo’s murder case is concluded, this is clearly  the reason why  they are requesting  for a speed trial, so that every other YSL Case will be handled  fairly.

But, the outcomes  of the petition  from Brian Steelhas is very Food.