Why Gunna Bond Denied, Gets 2023 Trial Date For Rico Case

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Yesterday, Gunna Bond was denied. The federal prosecutors are working extremely hard in making sure anybody link with Young Slime Life YSL get arrested.

By now you should be able to know that both Young Thug and Gunna with other YSL members was arrested earlier this month, and they were charged for RICO. Young Thug was tagged as the chief CEO of the street gang that was cause criminal activities in Fulton community and he was also denied bond.

Report has notebed why Gunna Bond was denied. Federal continue to convince judge that any of this gang member that is released at this moment will remain threat to the Fulton community. While Gunna was arrested following in cooperation with the gang in question, his bond was denied and he get 2023 trail date.

This simple means Gunna might spend some of his life living in jail until next. He was denied bond after charges on him for RICO.

Gunna whose real name is Sergio Kitchens, turned himself in into a jail in Atlanta on May 11 as part of indictment on RICO charges that also named 27 other people, including the head of the YSL crew, Young Thug.

Gunna lawyer is striving all he could for the rapper. He was pleaded not guilty to one charge of violating Georgia’s anti-racketeering law.

The prosecution argued that Gunna was “not just an associate” of the group, saying that he was a “documented gang member” who was “one of the bosses” and was in a “command position” in the group who “direct their troops into combat.”

The judge will decide on Thug’s bond on June 2nd as he is resolving an issue regarding a “conflict of interest,” which prosecutors raised during the hearing, reports Fox10.

In a statement, Gunna’s attorney Steven Sadow told Billboard: “The court was obviously concerned about threats and intimidation of witnesses. We believe when the court hears evidence, not just the words of the prosecutor, it will find that Sergio’s release on bond will not, directly or indirectly, pose a significant risk to witnesses. We look forward to having an evidentiary hearing on this as soon as the court permits.”