Young Thug's bond release

Young Thug’s Bond Release Declined Over Witness Intimidation Fears, RICO Trial Date Set For 2023

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Young Thug’s Bond release declined. He will continue to stay inside jail until there is a need for him to get a bond. But as for now, prosecutors have a lot of heavy concern about him getting out on bond. A judge on Tuesday had declined Young Thug’s bail on a bond owing to the lengthy crimes prosecutors have against him currently.

Young Thug, Gunna and more 28 people named in a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, RICO indictment that outlines more than a hundred offences he and his Young Slime Life associates committed from 2012 to the present.

The major reason why Young Thug’s Bond release was not granted is that prosecutors are more alert to him coming to cause more damage to the Fulton community. And Another reason why he was denied bond was that witnesses that will definitely be in problem because will threaten them with YLS members.

Don Geary one of the prosecutors has convinced the Judge why Young Thug is a huge danger to humans who are living around. Meanwhile, Thug remains in Fulton County as for and the trial date has been set to 2023.

“There are drugs all over the house, there are weapons all over the house, one of the weapons has been fully modified to a fully automatic weapon. Mr. Williams is talking about how important his children are, to my belief judge, one of his children was present in the house! These guns are not locked up,” he said.

Young Thug, witnesses are afraid of the rapper and they came forward to witness and clear how their life will be threatened if the bond is granted to Young Thug. Since a lot of them have come forward witnessing against Thugger, Judge then made his final decision as Mr. Williams stay back in Jail.

“Since the last time I was in front of the court, we have evidence and information of even more threats to our witnesses, but I want to be clear I have no evidence directly that Mr. Williams made a threat or directed anybody to make a threat but our witnesses are being threatened with violence, serious violence and death,” Don one of the prosecutors said.

He added, “This criminal street gang pre-existed the label record…I believe he does has clothing.. I believe that many of the crime families get into legitimate businesses and I believe that Mr. Williams has done no different.”

The prosecutor also said that other members of the YSL gang, some of whom are on the same indictment and others who are not, have identified Young Thug as extremely dangerous.

“We have taken proffers from fellow gang members of Mr. Williams, Some are on this indictment, some are not, they are stated uniformly Mr. Williams is dangerous, they are afraid of him, that if they cross him he would kill them and their family,”

Young Thug’s Bond release is totally not granted. Prosecutors are have bounced him with a lot of changes against him even his own songs and lyrics. Lil Wayne Young beef was previously mentioned and added to against Young Thug.