Meek Mill Bails 20 Women Out of Jail

Meek Mill: Free Young Thug & Gunna They Deserves Bond

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Meek Mill does remember when he was facing huge probation with the Fed and a lot of rappers even Young came to his rescue. The brotherly love remains “free him” and it has continued to rotate from one another to date. Free Young Thug and Gunna that what the Philly rapper want this time around.

The case of Young Thug and Gunna been victimized lately for RICO and being victimized later as a matter of his 2023 trial is touching. Meek Mill free young thug, that’s shouted out loud on Twitter on behalf of Young Thug and Gunna. On My Soul rapper wants them to be released at least on bond while they wait for trial.

But what we learned a few hours ago, prosecutors who are dealing with the Young Thug case have convinced the Judge why Meek Mill shouldn’t be granted bond. According to Don Geary one of the prosecutors, “Witnesses against Young Thug will be in danger if Jeffery Lamar Williams gets on bond.

However, the judge who is in charge of the case was convinced after more people step forward to witness against Young Thug. The rapper, whose real name is Jeffery Williams, pleaded not guilty during the hearing. But a Superior Court judge ruled he must stay in jail, siding with prosecutors who raised concerns about witness intimidation ahead of trial. (ajc).

Meek Mill once faced probation which was later reported that he is no longer on probation after he cleared his case with Fed. To Meek Mill previously work with Young Thug on That Got song from T Shyne, Young Thug and Gunna should be granted bail and that’s why he stepped forward via Twitter. Meek Mill free Young Thug has shown love to the YSL rapper.

Other public rap figures who have spoken out are Metroboomin, Post Malone, and more. Recently, rapper Cordae added his input. “Free the Whole YSL Family! They showed me more genuine love than damn near anybody!” He tweeted. “Protect Black Art! Also Using Lyrics against someone on trial is nuts! It’s a form of self expression that shouldn’t be used in a literal sense especially in a court of law!!!”