Wiz Khalifa Shares New Song ‘Chappelle’s Show’ Video Feat. AD – Watch

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Wiz Khalifa Shares New Song 'Chappelle’s Show’ Video Feat. AD - Watch

Wiz Khalifa didn’t miss out from Amahiphop Jenuary videos. About couple of his songs were also added making the list got at least 29 videos released last month.

While we hope compiling this month video, Jadakiss and Rick Ross dropped their joint collaboration yesterday and today Khalifa and AD added one more video Chappelle’s Show, as the title.

Last year, Wiz Khalifa has been releasing several song and also staying pretty relevant with videos. There’s many of his his song you haven’t heard although his 2019 song compilation is what made our visitors to access those songs in question.

Chappelle’s Show is making three videos and new songs from Wiz. We still anticipate the appeal behind all his last year release since we are still considering if he’s new mixtape or album at the corner.

He also dropped a song featuring Ty Dolla Sign and Lil Yachty called ‘Speed Me Up‘ for the Sonic movie. You also might have seen that he linked up with Charlie Puth to perform ‘See You Again’ last night at the Lakers game to honour Kobe. Watch Chappelle’s Show below.

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