Going on Joint with Eminem Needs Carefulness – Lil Wayne

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Lil Wayne and Eminem photos

Music To Be Murdered By deep-rooted  into Eminem’s hidden potential. The 2020 Eleventh studio album don’t only fascinates it’s reward from past glories but it reap the rich reward with fresh enhancement, you know shady did prove himself once more.

So, while some peers in hip-hop kept going up in arms, probably his common  adversaries have gotten ton of shots streached out from MTBMB although not really unlike Kamikaze which brutally checked some rappers status. Fans have hone focus listening and stream every single track from Em latest material and it’s all awesome.

Someone who shocked us but truth, hammer out his own opinion as regards to Eminem his whole career. Lil Wayne Funeral album took its spot on Spotify last two days been 31th of January. The high-wattage star then found himself with Drink Champs, promoting his 13th album and classically hopped on Eminem.

It’s very rare in hearing two self-claimed G.O.A.T linking together simply to unleash gems of rappings. To Wayne it looks like a battle, who’s better and who kill it mostly. During his interview with Drink Champs, he said When you get on a track with Eminem you body it or he will body you. Without being told about that sentiment, it think it’s actually an advice to few rappers in the game to careful when hitting up joint single be it from him or feature. Because is either you body the track else he body you.

Music To Be Murdered By didn’t secure studio session for Lil Wayne. Meanwhile he’s one of those rapper the album didn’t bodied. “I can humbly say I expected that. When you get on that joint it’s like a championship game, and you win it, and they ask you how does it feel? I came in with my game plan and I expected my game plan to work,” continued Wayne. “I just made sure that he didn’t body me, cause that boy is a monster,” Lil Wayne said. Check out below.

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