Lil Wayne back stage push

Why Lil Wayne Left 50 Cent Concert without Performing.

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Lil Wayne  was suppose to appear as a guest artist at 50 Cent Los Angeles show which he actually  attended but Lil Wayne left 50 Cent  concert without  performing.

The Rap legend was up to join 50 Cent on stage, but at a certain point  he just left the concert  venue from the back stage, this has really become a worry to his fans who actually came to watch him perform  that night.

Meanwhile, reporters has investigated  on the matter and was able to figure out the main reason  why Lil Wayne left 50 Cent Concert without  performing  as experienced  by his fans in Los Angeles.

The show actually  took place at on Wednesday (August 30) in Los Angeles. Lil Wayne’s fans where not rwall6 happy that they didn’t  get see their legendary  Rapper perform on stage at 50 Cent show.

Meanwhile, after some questions about  the reason  why Lil Wayne Left 50 Cent Concert  without performing , reporters  were able  to find out that something  actually  happened  at back stage which made him to leave the show.

According to the reporters, as Lil Wayne was ready and about  to go to the stage for his performance, one of the 50 Cent’s crew members  pushed him which got him so uncomfortable to continue  the show again and he left.

Meanwhile, no one can actually tell if the push was an accident or if the crew member intentionally  pushed him, but Lil Wayne  just left from the back stage in not less than 2 minutes  of the incident.

“He just stormed out, He was in the building for about 20 minutes total,” a witness said.

Meanwhile, some fans who have become so families  with the rapper already  know how he cancels his shows if he is not feeling  comfortable  about it.