Watch Post Malone Insane Video From New Album

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Post Malone’s Insane video is now available to watch. This is one of the music videos coming from his latest album which he released as twelve carat toothache.

Twelve carat toothache was also released earlier this month featuring artists like The Weeknd, Doja Cat and more you can stream from the new album that followed up his 2019 Hollywood’s Bleeding.

Post Malone’s Insane video is the second video from the album after. He featured The Weeknd on One Right Now and both shared the official video last year’s November.

Now having talked about his twelve carat toothache on Zane’s low interview before he dropped this particular, Posty said a lot and how he got it all started. The album is now out and he has moved forward to give it more recognition with video.

Insane is an interesting visual which sees the camera set up looking at a pool, not moving, with Post in front of it dancing. You can watch it below.

If you love listening to Post Malone Insane song, then watching the video as well will be your favour also.

The In the clip above, Post enjoys a late night hang by the pool. Dressed in nothing but a pair of trousers, the rapper has his tattoos on full display as he shows off his goofy personality while dancing around, taking a puff of a cigarette and a sip of beer. “Goin’ bats— in the backseat, Range / She was classy, now she nasty, hey / Yeah, I’m a bastard, I’m a bastard, hey / Don’t believe me? You can ask her,” he flows in the catchy chorus. (Billboard)