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Watch Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion Full Live chat Video

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Watch Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion Full Live chat Video

Megan The Stallion has been garnering more scene behind her upcoming studio record. She and Nicki Minaj are feeling over salty on new live chat clip were both teased song. Surpass Miguel might be facing some couple rival but on newly shared Instagram clip, Megan boasted Nicki with response including calling Nicki Minaj a GOAT. Watch below video.

“Don’t overthink it and don’t beat yourself up,” she told the rising star. “Because let me tell you something — all the times when I be working on albums, I be stressing myself the fuck out. And then when I don’t, when I just kinda let my hair down, so to speak, with freestyles and stuff, that’s what they love,” Megan say.

 “It’s because we’re schoolgirls in our brain and we write, so automatically we treat it like work,” the Black Barbie stated. “And I find that when I treat it like fun and playtime, I get better results. So, it’s just weird. So, I would give you that as a suggestion. Just feed off of that energy. All that good energy that you’re getting, put it into that ’cause it’s almost like the world can dictate it for you. They’ll dictate your album or your songs for you.”

Megan new album prepping to get debut this and most of her songs trends expectedly. Realer marks one of her successful video but upon all that her video also emerged with Top female Hip-Hop video so far.

Megan is coming off the release of her Fever mixtape, which dropped in May via 300 Entertainment. Nicki has teased her fifth studio LP this year but hasn’t announced any details about the album.

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